How to cope with stress

Maintaining a balanced life is the key to coping with stress. 

Things that will help:

  • Speak to someone

    • Speaking to someone who is willing to listen and who cares can make a huge difference to your well-being.  If you're finding it difficult to use family or friends or your problems are too servere, counselling is a great way to do this, in a structured way that is proven to help people suffering from stress. 

  • Address the cause

    • If you know the cause of your stress (e.g. a stressful job) you can take measures to reduce the impact of this.  For example, talking to your boss to reduce workload.  Of course, it is not always this simple, but knowing what is causing the stress is key to being able to deal with it.

  • Make time for you

    • Spend time with family and friends or doing something you enjoy.

  • Visit your GP

    • By visiting your GP you may be able to get a doctor's note for time off work, prescription for medication that can help, or referral to a suitable therapy.

  • Meditation

    • Mindfulness meditation is proven to help with stress.  It is a way of being in the moment and an attitude to dealing with your thoughts and emotions that will allow you to feel less stressed and gain a different perspective.  You can find guided mindful meditation tracks on-line or by using apps on your mobile phone.  There are also many books on the subject. 

  • Physical Exercise

There is some practical advice available for coping with stress here

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