Stress Management

Stress can take over your life. At it's worst, it can lead to break-down of relationships, self-harm, emotional outbursts, and physical illness. But you don't have to struggle with it alone.


My name is Adam and I'm a counsellor specialising in stress management. I work primarily with professionals who suffer from work-related stress, or stress caused by difficult life circumstances.


Together we will work to identify the root causes of your stress, understand these deeply and you will find new ways of coping and dealing with problems. There are all sorts of reasons why people suffer from stress. I will treat you as an individual and tailor my approach to meet your needs.


As a father and someone who has spent over 10 years in busy office jobs, outside my role as a therapist, I know what it is like to deal with stress on a daily basis. It is through my own therapy that I have found peace. I want to help you to do the same.

Contact me today to start dealing with your stress and start enjoying life again.

What is Stress?

Stress is your body and mind's natural response to a challenge. 

When you're put under pressure, doing something difficult or feeling like you're under threat (physically or emotionally) stress helps you react quickly, work hard and meet the challenge. 

However, in today's world we might encounter stress on a daily basis (e.g. having a stressful job or home life) or be going through a particularly difficult time due to circumstances.  When we're subjected to stressful conditions all the time, the brain can be flooded with stress hormones.  We become anxious, on-edge, irritable and thoughts can start to become illogical or out of control. 

Symptoms of Stress

You may feel:

  • Irritable, aggressive, impatient or wound up

  • Anxious, nervous or afraid

  • You cannot switch off your thoughts

  • Feeling down or depressed

  • Uninterested in life or having fun

  • A sense of dread

  • Worried about your health


It may also start to impact you physically (e.g. Chest pains, head aches, high blood pressure). 

You may start to neglect yourself (e.g. you're personal appearance or physical needs). 

If it has got to this point, getting help is really important.